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Discover Pagan! Embark on an Eco Tour Adventure to one of the planet's last pristine destinations!

Source: http://www.vulkaner.no/v/volcan/pacific/pics/pagan1.jpg

The Adventure:

What was it like for the Tom Hanks character in the movie, Castaway? How would YOU survive being (practically) alone on an "uninhabited" island thousands of miles from western civilization with nothing but nature as your companion and provider?

Now you can find out! Spend 3 days and 2 nights on this remote, pristine, biodiverse island in the western Pacific. Breathe exceptionally clean air, visit hot springs, dip in crystal clear lakes and explore the flora and fauna on this virtually uninhabited island.

Your adventure won't be as harrowing or life-threatening as Chuck Noland's or Wilson's (your safety is our primary concern), but you can, in fact, find yourself practically alone on a little island in far reaches of the planet and let your imagination do the rest!
Plant YOUR country's flag and come back with photographs and memories few other people on the planet will ever have!

Jamaican on Pagan?? (Follow one visitor's adventure!)

Where is Pagan?

source: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov

source: http://wikimedia.org

Source: Eric Johnson for EarthIsland.org

source: http://pubs.usgs.gov

source: PacificWorlds.com

More photos on Chamorro.com

The Transportation:

Customers will have the option of travel by plane, helicopter or boat. Please contact us for details.
Source: DouglasArvidson.com

A Preliminary Tour Checklist & Requirements

Pack as though you were traveling out of the country. Pack your personal essentials and clothing commensurate with the length of time of such a journey. Since we will be voyaging in the tropics, avoid heavy weight clothing. Simple t-shirts, shorts, swimming gear, flip flops/sandals, caps, and sunglasses would be most fitting.
Participants will be required to provide their own
• Sleeping bag, airbeds,
• First-aid kit and/or natural medicines (we have a few suggestions)
• Food/snacks
• durable tents
• potable water
• allergy kits
• appropriate outdoor attire
A few sustainable suggestions:

Peppermint oil/extract: keeps fruit flies away
Food grade hydrogen peroxide: good for insect bites and cleansing cuts
Zinc (picolinate): for stomach bacteria
virgin coconut oil: for skin protection You must also have prior knowledge of Pagan (we'll provide) and must sign an indemnification waiver.

You must be willing and able to take on the rugged conditions and challenges of frontier living on an adventure of discovery and natural living. Notes:
There is no cellphone service available in this part of the world

An important related issue:

If you care about preserving pristine planet earth, read this:

"[Pagan] is culturally important, anthropologically important, and biologically important," says Dr. Michael Hadfield, a zoology professor at the University of Hawaii. "[And] when the military takes an island for live-fire training, they destroy it."

A local human rights lawyer, Julian Aguon, underscores this point: "I situate what is going on now as… the latest incarnation of a much longer geopolitical process, and that’s been the militarization, the nuclearization, and colonization of this whole side of the ocean, this whole western Pacific."

"This is our home," adds Camacho. "We really look at it not just as fighting for dolphins and whales, but we are trying to protect resources that have belonged to our people for thousands of years, before the US military."

Pagan is not "uninhabited"

Despite what you've been led to believe, Pagan is NOT deserted. There is a small group of pioneers who have begun the resettlement of the island. Learn more about them HERE (article coming soon!)

Learn More and Help

Read about military's plans

Sign the CHANGE.ORG petition: Say no to US war games on Pagan!

Learn about Chamorro Culture

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